Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One Fidget Scarf Finished and Given

Wouldn't you know, as luck would have it, the sun came out nice and hot on the day I give the scarf. Even so, the recipient seemed pleased with his gift. I thought he looked very sharp sporting his Fidget. I did need to give instructions on how to wear it. People don't know what to do with a scarf that has buttons. I hope to be able to capture him in a photo wearing the scarf. He's one of the local poker dealers for tournament style poker. He had told me, if I was going to knit at his poker table I needed to make him a scarf. I felt it was a small enough price to pay to get good cards. The Fidget was knit using Kross by Mondial 100% wool. Buttons and yarn both came from my huge stash! I have plenty of this yarn left in red if anyone is interested? This is a fun scarf to make. It only takes a few hours to knit using one ball of yarn. It felt good to finally get one of the scarves completely finished, blocked and with buttons sewn on. Took longer to set up the blocking screen than to knit. (I set the screen over the bathtub where garments dry between wet towels for final shaping.) One more item I can now scratch off my to do list of gifts to knit and give. Woo Hoo!!