Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Jeep

My Jeep 
by "Ritzy" Arlene Ritzhaupt

Hey man, what’d ya do to my Jeep
It was bright and shiny and all new, it weren’t no heap!
4 chrome wheels that would glide through water that deep
And still sparkle like a shiny new Jeep.

I added fancy chrome running boards,
To make my step up easy, more like the Fords.

A bad install made me almost fall.
Not a step up, but this ridge of horror
That sent me to the floor.

No room for a shoe
Not even a pool cue!

I had the dealer take them off
I got worse than a scoff.

When I saw my wheels in the light of day,
All the chrome had turned to ugly gray! 

Why you cheats, you thieves
You took my wheels giving me the heaves!

Don’t buy a Jeep from these guys!
You know they really aren’t very wise.

Treat me right and I’ll send you more customers as a prize.
Once people hear my story you’ll feel some shrinkage in your size.
Just before your demise!
© 9 /17/2010