Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's Been Awhile... SPECIAL OFFER!!

I have been caught up in life and I'm not sure if that's good or bad. Right now, I'm having an awful time with my website Thought I'd better get going on something, to move some of this stuff I still have on hand.
 I had wanted to honor Ed on his birthday and reduce the price of the Pony Pearl Circular Knitting Needles. Wasn't able to really accomplish anything with the website. It seemed to dump everything I tried. I haven't a clue to what has happened.
So, I'll try on this blog to see if I can find new homes for a few items. I will send you a bill using PayPal. I will be adding items once I see how this works.

Pony Pearl Circular Knitting Needles Special offer
US size 10.75 x 40"  7.00mm x 100cm - 5 on hand
were $9.40 NOW $7.00* + s/h

US size 10.75 x 30"   7.00mm x 80cm  -  4 on hand
were $9.40 NOW $7.00* +s/h
email me with SPECIAL in subject at ritzythings@gmail.com
A PayPal bill will be sent to you.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Magic Photograph

by Ritzy Ritzhaupt 

When looking for a photo
The one I really want to see
I look deep inside, within my heart
Where you captured me

Remembering your loving ways
Warms my heart to overflowing
Giving me all the strength needed
To go on, being your one true love

Embracing our forty years together
And the romance that filled our lives
A beautiful part of our love
This makes you unforgettable

Savored as a long simmered soup
Bringing the nourishment needed
To withstand the lonely nights

The missing burns deep inside
But knowing, I was treasured beyond gold
Frees me to live this life all alone

Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

Monday, March 12, 2012

Beyond Shocking!

The most startling thing has happened to me this last week. I knew I had a problem but I did not know what to call it and I never talked about it, I was far too embarrassed. Nor, did I ever share this shocking information with a doctor or others, regarding what I thought I might have. I was just what the teachers labeled me as when I started school, “You are too stupid to learn”.

Moving up to junior high was awful, I had to start over classifying new people to a whole set of criteria, since I cannot recognize faces! In high school, it was much worse as strangers from other area schools became part of the class. To me it was overwhelming and crippling I moved in a vast empty space filled with voices.

This last week I shared with my youngest daughter the fact that I am unable to recognize faces. I have had this all my life but ignored and hid it as best I could. When she told me she had a friend that had the same thing, I was shocked. Here, all these many years I just thought, “I was too stupid” to recognize faces.

If you always wear a golden colored leather coat with a brass snap at the collar and cream buttons down the front, with a hanging belt that has an unusual center-back loop, I will always know it is you. Otherwise, I will pass you like the stranger you are to me. When I hear your voice or your laugh with that little hiccup at the end of your escalated burst of frivolity, I will then be able to recognize it is you.

When told a number of years ago that I was dyslexic, it set me back on my heels, but I had my husband to lean on. No wonder, I had so much trouble reading but that did not stop the tears that rushed from my wounded heart. How could I have traveled through my life not realizing, I had such a problem with words? Because I had believed the teachers words, “You are too stupid to learn”! I did not learn to read until I was in the seventh grade, see there is more proof, the teacher was right.

Understanding that others have had this same problem and it is not just my fault, because I am too stupid to recognize faces, has taken me on a whirlwind of discovery. Yes, a chunk of what was missing for a connection in my life is now in place and I can move on from here. You see, I counted on my husband to keep track of faces. He did a brilliant job of making sure all names ended up labeled with the right person in our lives.

Prosopagnosia is the name of this disorder. Yes, I have had it all my life. I remember my uncle and my dad lining up when I but a tot, per-kindergarten, I picked my uncle as my dad until my dad spoke. Then I picked my dad and I remember saying, “That’s my daddy”.

If I have walked passed you without so much as a, "Hello", forgive me, I did not really know it was you!

I could not pronounce this disorder until I was able to hear it: http://www.howjsay.com/index.php?word=prosopagnosia

Maybe this will help explain things:http://www.buzzle.com/articles/prosopagnosia-face-blindness.html


Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Band Man

by "Ritzy" Arlene Ritzhaupt

Once there was a man that sang to me
He wasn't tall or handsome, he just romanced me.
He was beyond charming as he smiled and swayed,
He winked at me and made me feel warm as he sang away.

He sang to me of things I thought I'd never hear anyone say.
He told me he'd love me even if I were old and gray.

The little band he led played and played
They had tunes that are in my heart to stay.

I never knew this man until I saw him sway with that band.
As he sang, I knew he'd be the man that would always hold my hand.

You may ask how I found this man that played those tunes and sang so grand.
I heard his voice, followed the sound, to watch as he sang and romanced me with his band.
© 9/16/2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Jeep

My Jeep 
by "Ritzy" Arlene Ritzhaupt

Hey man, what’d ya do to my Jeep
It was bright and shiny and all new, it weren’t no heap!
4 chrome wheels that would glide through water that deep
And still sparkle like a shiny new Jeep.

I added fancy chrome running boards,
To make my step up easy, more like the Fords.

A bad install made me almost fall.
Not a step up, but this ridge of horror
That sent me to the floor.

No room for a shoe
Not even a pool cue!

I had the dealer take them off
I got worse than a scoff.

When I saw my wheels in the light of day,
All the chrome had turned to ugly gray! 

Why you cheats, you thieves
You took my wheels giving me the heaves!

Don’t buy a Jeep from these guys!
You know they really aren’t very wise.

Treat me right and I’ll send you more customers as a prize.
Once people hear my story you’ll feel some shrinkage in your size.
Just before your demise!
© 9 /17/2010

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas after the Snow 2008

My daughter Teresa, grandson Dale and granddaughter Emily, with their mother and my daughter, Anna. I really hated being snowbound! One good thing came out of it, I was able to finish gifts this year! We continued our family tradition of one person opening one gift at a time. We all were able to see the persons joy as they opened each gift. It makes Christmas very special as we all share in the excitement of each gift received. We all know what everyone got and nothing gets lost. Christmas really is just being with each other and enjoying each others company. We ended with a lovely meal out. No mad dash to cook anything... it was a very special day with my very special people. My wish for you, that your Holiday was as special to you as mine was to me!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter Wonderland

White stuff everywhere!

I'm beyond those years of desiring that puffy white stuff to fall from the sky. To me, it only means not getting to where I want to be. Most of all, missing Christmas with family and friends. When I can't get out it makes me very grumpy... grrrrrr! My driveway is about 1/2 mile long and curves in front of the barn and comes up hill to the house. The house on the other side of the barn is my closest neighbor. From the upstairs landing I can look down on the lower part of the driveway. I can't really see the drive since it's all a big white blur. The temperature is up above freezing! Flood warnings are now being broadcast from the melting snow and storm drains clogged with sand.

This shows the depth of the snow 12/25/2008.