Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Life Happens

I have been rather remiss in posting... it's called, "life happens". My surgery in April went rather nicely.

May, of course, brought some unusual rains... yup, right into my basement with nasty brown water. Ohhhh, what a mess! To top that off I also needed to clear out the loft of the barn and bring all my leftover inventory to my property. Okay, still working on that part, but the inventory should be here before long. I will be listing a lot of stuff on my website and here because I need it gone!

In mid June I started the sad feelings because Ed's birthday and anniversary of his passing were coming up in July. I chide myself thinking, I should be beyond these bouts of great sadness... it just hasn't happened yet. This is what's been going through my mind... A few years ago... that real hot summer we had... I was working in my storage units when I realized it wasn't the roof dripping condensation but my head.

I decided to take a break and placed a chair up front to try and catch a little air hoping for a breeze to start cooling me. Boy, all of a sudden I really missed my guy~ I knew he would have set a chair up for me and gotten me a glass of water or whatever it took to make me comfortable... he was just that kind of a guy... sweet and caring. I started to cry softly and the tears streamed down my cheeks as others drove by going to their storage unit. I was heavy into my own sadness when I suddenly felt Ed's presence. I could almost feel his arms around me and I could smell him, his essence.

"Okay, if you're truly here, Show Me!" I stammered as I tried to think of something he, his spirit, could do.
I said, to no one in particular, just noting I wasn't crazy. "Show me," I thought of him shoving something off a shelf. I quickly decided that may not work and I'd never know if that feeling was him, but I was sure it was him. I wanted proof for me! "Show me," I continued to stammered, until I hit on the right thing. The sky had been one of those great Seattle blue skies, without a cloud and hardly a breeze and close to 90 some degrees. 

"Show me," I said in a confident voice, like, ah ah, caught you. "Show me a submarine!" I thought I was brilliant! I had no idea where he'd find a submarine in my storage shed but I really needed to know that the presence I felt was him. 

Just that fast, a big, huge, puffy cloud settled in front of my view, on the backdrop of the pristine blue Seattle sky. My eyes couldn't leave that huge mass of white, as a submarine, like the old diesel model, took shape before my eyes. It had the conning tower and looked very much like a side view of a sub he once served on. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Diodon_(SS-349) When the touches were being added to shape the tail fins, a small puff of a breeze distorted and pull the submarine out of proportion, as it slowly drifted away from me. I was pleased, stunned and mystified beyond words. I could only stand and stare as the white submarine slowly drifted into other clouds that had just as suddenly appeared. 

You may ask, why I've brought this up so many years later? I saw a Physic this past weekend and she also, confirmed that Ed had made the submarine. When I asked the Physic the question she took awhile to answer. Before she could say a word, bits of brown stuff came flying at me from my right side. I'm sure it was him since I strongly believe he was also there. The brown stuff was from a tree, but it wasn't to my right at all. She told me, Ed said, "Yes," so fast and so many times that she became unsure and asked him again. I really think it was him scolding me for asking. And yes, I know a lot of you are very skeptical. I'm fine with that since I know, what I now know.