Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Band Man

by "Ritzy" Arlene Ritzhaupt

Once there was a man that sang to me
He wasn't tall or handsome, he just romanced me.
He was beyond charming as he smiled and swayed,
He winked at me and made me feel warm as he sang away.

He sang to me of things I thought I'd never hear anyone say.
He told me he'd love me even if I were old and gray.

The little band he led played and played
They had tunes that are in my heart to stay.

I never knew this man until I saw him sway with that band.
As he sang, I knew he'd be the man that would always hold my hand.

You may ask how I found this man that played those tunes and sang so grand.
I heard his voice, followed the sound, to watch as he sang and romanced me with his band.
© 9/16/2010